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Clean Eating
Myths About MSG

We’re all for healthy eating, but your choices should be informed by facts.

FACT: Say it with us: MSG is safe to eat. Just ask the FDA. Plus, people all over the world have been safely enjoying MSG for over 100 years, so that’s gotta mean something.
FACT: Not true! Glutamate (the key component of MSG) occurs naturally in lots of nutritious foods like tomatoes, salmon, parmesan cheese, and green tea. In fact, some of Goop’s most healthful recipes are loaded with natural glutamate.
FACT: Clean eating often demonizes ingredients with no evidence. A seasoning like MSG can safely be used to add flavor to all kinds of better-for-you foods like salads, grilled meats and nearly anything that could use a boost of umami.
FACT: This is classic clean eating fearmongering. Nearly everything has a chemical name. Dihydrogen monoxide? Water. Sodium chloride? Salt. A scientific-sounding name doesn’t make something dangerous.
FACT: With 66% less sodium than table salt, lots of dietitians and health organizations actually recommend using MSG as a tool to reduce sodium.
FACT: A friendly reminder to Goop: MSG isn’t a toxin. It starts with plants like corn and sugar cane before being turned into the ingredient through fermentation. Also, the MSG you eat doesn’t travel from your stomach to your brain. That’s…not even a thing.
FACT: This myth isn’t unique to Goop, but here’s the thing: tons of research hasn’t been able to confirm MSG as a cause of headaches. Not only that, the International Headache Society (which is real!) even removed MSG from their list of causative factors.

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Dishing Out Facts
(And Recipes)

Get the lowdown on the magic of MSG and some #DinnerWithGoop inspo from our culinary friends.

Tasty Recipes
Featuring MSG

MSG doesn’t just add delicious umami to healthy dishes, it’s super easy to use. Try it out with these flavor-packed recipes.

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