It’s silly to

For the same reasons it’s silly to ban MSG from restaurants and store shelves.

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Pizza is totally fine. So is MSG.

We launched this campaign to remind people that not only is MSG inherently found in some of our favorite toppings, it’s also pretty delicious. So, if people are OK with pizza, they should be OK with MSG too, right??


The molecules in an MSG shaker are identical to those in core pizza toppings.

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MSG is basically in everything

Our favorite pizza toppings and how much glutamate they contain.*

mg glutamate per 100 g portion

The experts agree: Un‐cancel MSG

Chefs, scientists, and dietitians set the record straight.

More facts about MSG

  • MSG is plant‐derived from corn or sugar cane
  • MSG is created by fermentation, similar to how yogurt is made
  • MSG has 2/3 less sodium than table salt
  • MSG is verified safe by the Food & Drug Administration

Umami‐licous Pizza Recipes

Yes, MSG! Try these pies, made with a little extra glutamate.

*Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. FoodData Central, 2019.