Asian restaurants are facing discrimination and mass closures. Help them survive by ordering takeout today!

Together, we can #TakeOutHate.

  1. Find an Asian restaurant near you that’s open for takeout.
  2. Order the takeout meal of your dreams and share a photo of your food with #TakeOutHate.
  3. Help spread the word by tagging the restaurant and your friends!

Share your #TakeOutHate meal

Why #TakeOutHate?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Asian restaurants have been closing at an alarming rate. Hateful rhetoric and acts of discrimination, fueled by unfounded fear, is impacting Asian Americans and their businesses, leading to an unprecedented drop in sales and closures at twice the rate of any other restaurant category. Help Asian restaurants survive this crisis by banding together to #TakeOutHate.

To participate, simply order delicious takeout from your favorite local Asian restaurant, and before you dig in, share a photo of your meal with #TakeOutHate to help spread the cause. While you’re at it, tag the restaurant’s location and your friends to encourage further support.

1,500 Reports
of Discrimination

Stop AAPI Hate has logged close to 1,500 reports of coronavirus discrimination against Asian Americans (since March 19).

70% Drop
in Business

NYC’s three main Chinatowns (Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn) have seen business drop from 50 to 70%.

59% of Restaurants

59% of independent Chinese restaurants across America have completely ceased operations.

Our global response to COVID-19

The Ajinomoto Group is responding to the COVID-19 crisis on multiple fronts. As we launch #TakeOutHate in the US, Ajinomoto has committed funds to a local organization addressing the needs of groups that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

We’ve also responded globally – from a monetary donation to medical institutions in Brazil, to donating food to healthcare workers in Indonesia and Brazil, to feeding families in Peru and the Philippines, to opening our IP technologies to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Behind the #TakeOutHate campaign

The Ajinomoto Group is a global food company with a mission to contribute to the well-being of people around the world through delicious and healthy foods, and to better lives for the future. We are proud of our heritage, and as the company that was founded on the discovery of MSG, we are no stranger to the impact of unfair stigma.

As COVID-19 spread, so did an increase in violence and hateful rhetoric against Asian Americans. This stigma also contributed to an unprecedented drop in sales and closures of Chinese restaurants at twice the rate of any other restaurant category. As a company that champions fairness and better livelihoods for all, we are launching #TakeOutHate to support Asian-owned restaurants that are facing unfair adversity during this crisis.